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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

The goal at Feldman Kodsi is to help our clients reach an early resolution whenever practical. If an early resolution is not in the client’s best interest or not achievable, then we stand ready to litigate on their behalf, both in court and before arbitration panels. Regardless of the circumstances, we provide clients with practical advice to guide their decisions, as we work aggressively towards a positive outcome.

We offer a full spectrum of dispute resolution services within each of our substantive practice areas.


When disputes cannot be resolved outside of the courts, clients turn to us to litigate their cases strategically and decisively. We work closely with clients to develop and execute the most appropriate and cost-effective litigation strategy to meet their unique needs. 

We appear in Florida’s state and federal courts and take pride in our knowledge of the governing procedural rules and the local court system. In addition to in-court experience, the firm’s principals, Andrew Feldman and Neil Kodsi, are regularly called upon to instruct other attorneys on trial skills, a role they have been filling for over a decade.  

Whether it is in our clients’ best interest to only pursue pre-trial procedural tactics or to go to trial, we are persistent and responsive advocates in pursuit of our clients’ objectives.


Disputes that result in litigation often result in appeals as well. However, appellate work can differ significantly from that of trial work or any other type of legal representation.

For example, appellate attorneys must be more than oral advocates – they must be exceptional writers, skilled in advocating through the written word. In addition, there are no juries on appeal. Instead, appellate counsel must be experienced in dealing with a panel of judges who intently read the written briefs filed with the court, and who are well informed about the issues, long before the attorneys present their oral arguments.

With experience handling appeals while the trial proceedings are still ongoing, at the conclusion of the trial court proceedings, and in connection with post-judgment issues, we provide astute appellate representation throughout every phase of the litigation process.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation can be expensive, time consuming, and exhausting for the parties involved. For these reasons, techniques for alternative dispute resolution have come into favor, and we encourage the pursuit of such for our clients where practical. Within the alternative dispute resolution area, we represent clients before arbitration panels, in mediation proceedings, and in other out-of-court settlement proceedings or pre-suit negotiations.

In the end, while we take pride in being aggressive in litigation, we are also deliberate in our approach and counsel our clients with a settlement-oriented perspective.


In every transaction, each party strives to simultaneously protect their interests, while getting the deal done quickly and properly. At Feldman Kodsi, we never lose sight of this dual objective as we counsel and assist our clients throughout the transaction process. While we remain vigilant and take great pains to identify for our clients the risks in their business undertakings, we also pride ourselves on being deal-makers, as opposed to deal-breakers. Once negotiations are complete, we undertake to draft all of the relevant legal documents, with constant attention to detail and constant focus on protecting our clients in the event the agreements are ever needed for purposes of future discussion or enforcement.

Of course, our assistance extends beyond negotiating and closing a deal. Whether you need an employment agreement, a non-compete or non-circumvention agreement, a licensing agreement, a stockholders or operating agreement, a third party services agreement, or merely the creation of a form contract to use as a part of day-to-day business operations, we stand ready to prepare the necessary documentation with a focus on creativity and conciseness.

We provide transactional legal services within our Construction, Business and Property practice areas and for companies of all sizes, as well as for associations, new ventures, business executives, and other individuals. Whatever the venture and whatever the need, we look forward to discussing your goals with you and how our firm’s transaction practice can help you reach them.

Our clients’ success determines our own, so we work collaboratively with our clients every step of the way in furtherance of achieving their goals and objectives.

General Counsel

Experienced CEO’s recognize the business advantages and risk reduction provided by in-house or outside general counsel. They see the value in having a trusted legal advisor whose intimate knowledge of the company’s objectives, culture and challenges enhances their ability to prevent detrimental legal consequences that can deplete hard earned company profits. 

Our goal as outside general counsel at Feldman Kodsi is to add such value for our clients by becoming an integral part of their management team. From providing legal counsel during the planning and decision-making stages of the business process, to managing the day-to-day legal affairs of the business, we assist our clients to create transactions and initiatives that meet legal requirements and protect the reputation of their company. Whether our clients require assistance in structuring or financing a deal, addressing employment needs or concerns, or handling internal or operational matters, we continually strive to provide sound professional judgment regarding the legal issues that may arise.

Although our firm provides our general counsel clients with a host of Transaction and Litigation & Dispute Resolution services, but we also understand when outsourcing specific matters or projects to other counsel would be the proper course of action. When specialized outsourced counsel is needed, we have experience hiring such counsel and directing their work to be in line with our clients’ business objectives.

Realizing that the hiring of outside general counsel creates legal opportunities and demands that can differ significantly from company to company, we also make great effort to structure alternative fee arrangements where appropriate and to meet the needs of all involved.


Mediation is a facilitated negotiation process in which a skilled third-party neutral assists parties in conflict to reach a mutually acceptable reconciliation of their dispute.  Our attorneys have successfully mediated numerous cases for our clients, obtaining valuable settlements for these clients and saving them substantial litigation-related fees and costs.

Additionally, our attorneys have taken their skills and experiences as trial advocates and used them to help parties successfully mediate their disputes.  Mr. Feldman was a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator for over decade.  Mr. Kodsi has been a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator since 2012.

Our attorneys bring over fifty (50) combined years of jury trial and non-jury trial experience to their roles as mediators.  Their keen insight as both skilled litigators, and as trial-advocacy instructors, have given them valuable perspectives that regularly benefit parties in resolving their disputes. 

We look forward to working with you towards a hopeful resolution of your or your clients’ disputes.

Practice Areas


Whether the goal is to close a deal or resolve a dispute, we pride ourselves on understanding our clients business needs and working to achieve their objectives.

Intellectual Property

Feldman Kodsi provides clients with skilled representation in patent infringement, trademark, trade dress, trade secret, and copyright infringement matters.


With knowledge of the real estate business, we assist our clients with their transactional and operational legal needs.


We provide comprehensive legal services to our construction industry clients in connection with both private and public projects.