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About Us

In aspiring to exceed expectations, we realize that it’s not enough just to be different. Instead, at Feldman Kodsi we pride ourselves on being attuned, skilled, business-minded doers.


We listen. We are informed. We get it. With a deep understanding of our clients’ needs as well as legal and industry trends, we distill the core objectives for our clients and align them with the most effective and current legal strategies and tactics.

Business Minded

We understand that our clients’ legal strategy must be commensurate with their business objectives and bottom line – that legal strategies should proactively and reactively mitigate risks and costs and optimize profits. Our advocacy is zealous; but it is built on a foundation of sound, business-minded principals.


We are experienced in the firm’s areas of practice. We consistently work on expanding our base of knowledge and bringing our experience to bear for the benefit of our clients in addressing their real-world problems and opportunities.


Our clients’ cause: We fight for it. Defend it. Negotiate for it. Create opportunities for it. No unnecessary formalities. No legalese. Passionate representation. Period.

Our Attorneys


Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We offer a full spectrum of dispute resolution services within each of our substantive practice areas.


We look forward to discussing  with you how our firm’s transaction practice can help reach your goals.

General Counsel

Our goal as outside general counsel is to add such value for our clients by becoming an integral part of their management team.


We have successfully mediated numerous cases for our clients, obtaining valuable settlements and helping parties avoid the expense and risk of continued litigation.