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Whether the goal is to close a deal or resolve a dispute, legal considerations are an integral part of most business dealings.

From the formation of a new company to the completion of a business acquisition or sale, from the completion of a key business agreement to the dispute resolution issues associated with its breach, at Feldman Kodsi we dedicate a major part of our time to assisting clients in meeting their business objectives.

Our Transaction and General Counsel assistance is provided across industries, and our Litigation & Dispute Resolution assistance is provided to companies, as well as professionals, executives, and other individuals in various business-related capacities. Some of the ways we assist business clients include:

Transaction & General Counsel

  • Prepare business contracts and agreements for both internal and external use
  • Provide corporate / business regulatory guidance and assistance
  • Conduct corporate / business risk analysis
  • Assist in protection of confidential information
  • Prepare and modify ongoing business policies and procedures
  • Prepare internal documentation to comply with required corporate formalities
  • Prepare employee handbooks and manuals and other employment related documentation 
  • Form new business entities or joint ventures
  • Structure buy/sell agreements and other agreements 
    amongst owners
  • Assist with the acquisition or sale of an existing business or its assets
  • Help guide business decisions through the providing of relevant legal insight

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

  • Breach of contract & related claims
  • Shareholder and ownership disputes
  • Insurance claims
  • Litigate business relationship issues
  • Handle actions involving trade secrets and confidentiality agreements
  • Protect your business from wrongful interference or improper competition
  • Respond to garnishment orders or court subpoenas
  • Foreign Judgment domestication and enforcement
  • Enforcement of non-compete and non-disclosure agreements
  • Labor and employment disputes

Intellectual Property

Feldman Kodsi provides clients with skilled representation in all aspects of Intellectual Property litigation.  We represent corporate and individual clients to protect their intellectual property rights, in addition to defending corporate and individual clients who have been wrongfully sued for infringement of another’s intellectual property rights.  We handle the following types of matters:

  • Patent infringement
  • Trademark infringement
  • Trade Dress
  • Trade Secret
  • Copyright Infringement

We have experience covering a wide range of Practice Areas.




At Feldman Kodsi we understand that the buying, selling, development and operation of real property requires astute legal counsel that can work as part of an overall real estate team. With knowledge of the real estate business, we assist our clients with their transactional and operational legal needs. When disputes arise, we represent clients in dealing with all facets of property litigation. 

Within our Property practice, we serve developers, property owners, mortgage companies, title companies, management companies, condominium/homeowner associations, real estate brokers, buyers and sellers, and investors. Some of the ways we can assist include:

Transaction & General Counsel

  • Prepare real estate purchase and sale contracts
  • Represent buyers and sellers throughout purchase / sale process
  • Prepare commercial and residential lease agreements
  • Prepare and review private financing documents
  • Handle distressed asset and property workouts
  • Prepare Association liens and demands
  • Form business entities as real estate investment vehicles
  • Assist real estate, mortgage, and title companies with 
    regulatory compliance issues

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

  • Association maintenance collections and lien foreclosures
  • Association declaration enforcement & injunction claims
  • Collection of unpaid commissions
  • Foreclosure Litigation 
  • Commercial tenant evictions and related collection matters
  • Escrow disputes
  • Disputes between buyers and sellers
  • Collection of past due accounts
  • Partition actions and Equitable Lien claims


Experienced in navigating the intricacies of construction law, we provide comprehensive legal services to our construction industry clients in connection with both private and public projects. From project inception to completion and beyond, at Feldman Kodsi we diligently strive to prevent, mitigate and resolve our clients’ construction disputes in the most strategic and cost effective way possible. Our awareness of the unique challenges and opportunities presented to those in the construction industry is reflected in how we counsel, draft, negotiate and advocate.

We serve developers, owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, condominium associations and design professionals on a variety of projects, both large and small. Some of the ways we assist our construction clients include:

Transaction & General Counsel

  • Prepare, review, and negotiate construction contracts
  • Assist in preparation of change orders, purchase orders, and other project documents
  • Manage and address the construction document process
  • Prepare and file liens and notices
  • Provide regulatory compliance, guidance and assistance relative to governing construction statutes
  • Review and assist in preparation of project bids and proposals
  • Provide legal risk analysis and risk management
  • Assist companies in obtaining government certifications (e.g., minority owned business, woman owned business, 8(a) certification)
  • Help guide business decisions through the providing of relevant legal insight

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

  • Breach of contract & related claims
  • Construction defect & delay claims
  • Surety (bond) claims
  • Pay-When-Paid and other payment related claims
  • Construction lien foreclosure claims
  • Handle client bid protests and related administrative proceedings
  • Provide legal risk analysis and risk management
  • Insurance actions
  • Warranty claims
  • Indemnification claims


Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We offer a full spectrum of dispute resolution services within each of our substantive practice areas.


Our firm’s transactional practice offers a full range of contract and document services to help you reach your goals.

General Counsel

Our goal as outside general counsel is to add value for our clients by becoming an integral part of their team.


We have successfully mediated numerous cases for our clients, obtaining valuable settlements and helping parties avoid the expense and risk of continued litigation.